It begins….

19 09 2009

The simple answer is Why Not? A more detailed answer is “Everyone else seems to have one, so I want one too.”

The correct answer is that I have finally decided to do something about my man boobs, overhanging gut and general lack of fitness. And as I stare down the barrel of my 35th birthday, the time is now. But why the blog – that’s the easy part. Because I’d like a place to keep everything together and help track my progress. I could do this offline, but then again, this is the 21st century and I am a technophile.

I actually started riding a couple of months ago, when I was working away from home. I bought a cheap bike from Big W and rode in for call at the hospital and despite the problems that seem to be associated with cheap bikes (a definite case of you get what you pay for), I had the bug. So, on returning home, I started riding to work on a decent bike

OK details before we start.

About me: when I started, I went to the local gym and got a few measurements done. Here they are: honestly, I can’t find them. I think I chucked them when we moved house. If they turn up, I’ll post them.

The bike: I ride a Giant Farrago SE Hybrid. Here is a picture. Mine is a darker blue, but the bike is the same. This is definitely not the cheap shit bike I alluded to earlier. It might be a few years old, but it is still a quality bike (at least I think so).

My Bike
When I started riding, I struggled to do a couple of clicks on a gentle slope. I was better on the stationary bike at the gym and much preferred the treadmill. I got up to 4.5kms jogging and still hated the bike. Somewhere in the next couple of weeks that changed, and now I absolutely love getting out on the bike and dread the idea of hitting the asphalt for a run. Is it weird that I don’t like riding the stationary bike but love riding outdoors, but I love running on the treadmill but hate riding outside? I think it’s weird.

Anyway, my goal here is essentially to get fit, trim down and record my thoughts. I’m not one for keeping a traditional diary, and I’m not the best at remembering stuff, so I thought I could keep a record of everything here. So, enjoy my failures and my successes. I’m hoping it’s more of the latter than the former, but I’m being realistic. No quick fixes, just hard work and no chocolates or biscuits (well, maybe a couple now and then!)

So here it is, my success, my failures, my thoughts.




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