The University Loop – Training Ride #1

30 09 2009

I decided that it was time to push myself. After a couple of weeks of short rides,  I knew it was time to push a little further.

Having a think about it, I came up with a couple of ride requirements.

1/ Mostly flat, with one decent hill.

2/Bike lane or quiet roads

3/No more than 30kms.

After some consideration of the options, I decided to ride out to the uni and back. It meets all of my requirements and I’ve always wanted to ride out to the uni ever since they built the new road (in 1995).

Glenfield - CSU Return

I discovered a  couple of things on this ride.  First, I really hate hills. The hill in the middle of the uni (between markers 13 & 14) is a killer. It may be easy one day, but for now it is horrendous.  I stopped three times getting up that hill, despite my best intentions. I was determined not to stop, to keep on pedalling no matter what, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t strong enough mentally to endure, and I had to rest.

The other thing I discovered is that if you hit a bump in the road (or a pothole) and your water bottle isn’t sitting properly in the cage, it may bounce out, leaving you with nothing to drink when you are dying for a drop. Guess I’ll have to pop down to the LBS tomorrow, because I don’t want to do anything else today.

At the end, I survived. I didn’t keel over and have a heart attack, I didn’t fall or give up completely. I stopped a couple of times (ok, 3) but I always got back on and kept going after only the slightest of respites.

The stats: 29.21km (18.25mi), 1hr 17m 15s @ 22kph (13.75mph). I’d really like to break the 1 hour mark on this ride one day.




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