Dangle a carrot…

9 10 2009

I originally had just one goal – to get fit and lose weight, but as I got out on the bike, I found I was setting myself little challenges. The first was simply to get to work without dripping sweat – that’s easy now (although with summer coming, I’m not sure how that will go).

For each goal, I’ve set myself a date by which I want to achieve it, and am allowing myself a reward for each one. The bigger the goal, the bigger the reward. So my current goals are these:

Climb Willans Hill (East-West) Zero Stops 31 Dec 2009 New Bike Computer (with Cadence)
Climb Willans Hill (West-East) Zero Stops 31 Dec 2009 16 Nov 2009 New Sunnies
Ride 50kms 31 Dec 2009 11 Oct 2009 Gel-Bot and Seat Bag
Ride 50kms, 2 hours max, 0 stops 10 Mar 2010 Bike Vest
90kgs 31 Dec 2009 Bike Shoes and Pedals
85kgs 10 Mar 2010 2 new tattoos
80kgs 31 Dec 2010 Wii + Accessories
Ride 100kms 31 Dec 2010 29 Dec 2009 Maybe I’ll get a new bike.

The problem here is that I have now bought a new bike, shoes, pedals, vest and computer, so I have ‘awarded’ myself half of these rewards before I’ve completed the goals. I have no choice now but to train hard and earn them.




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