The Hill

12 10 2009

Buoyed by my success on Sunday, I have decided to attack Willans Hill again on Thursday. Think I’ll go West-East. It is longer, but not as steep.

Once I have completed both directions, I’m going to start thinking about the next road across the hill which is steeper and shorter. But I need to get this done first.

16/09/2009 – As a result of the weather, I only got an opportunity to attack Willans Hill today. While I made it over (West-East), I did need a short 30sec stop about half way. Very disappointed, and I put this down to poor diet and no exercise over the last week. Late shifts at work = bad diet and no exercise. Wet and cold outside = bad diet and no exercise.

But I still got out, still got over and am going to go back and try again on Sunday. If I fail, then I will try again on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will overcome that damned hill.

It says a lot that I can bang out 50km but struggle on once the hill gets too steep. Need more strength

16/11/2009 – Success. I made it over Willans Hill today, and didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would. I haven’t had as much time on the bike of late as I would like, but I’m making a concerted effort to get out more. So this morning, I was up at 5, on the bike by 6 and over the hill by about 6.15. So…it’s time for the next reward!

I tacked on about 20kms after getting over the hill, but I’d like to see how well (or poorly) I do the hill after a decent ride, rather than before it. Anyway, I now need to get over the hill from East-West, which is much steeper (but also shorter). I plan to have this completed by months end!




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