The Gregadoo Loop – Training Ride #2

19 10 2009

I had planned to attack Willans Hill yesterday but I just couldn’t be arsed. I was having such a nice day playing with my little girls I decided that the ride wasn’t that important. But I did promise myself an early morning ride today to make up for it.

At some point yesterday, I decided that today I would take a circuitous route to the airport and back, but after thinking on it some more, I realised I wasn’t keen on riding along the Sturt Hwy, so I trawled a few sites and came across the Gregadoo Loop ride by Bicycle Wagga Wagga. This ride looked really nice, a few hills, some nice scenery and long straight roads with little to no traffic.

Added to that, since the Loop started just down the road from the Kooringal end of Willans Hill, I knew I could kill two birds with one stone…another crack at Willans Hill and a good long ride as well.

So…Willans Hill…failed again…wrong gear, wrong mindset and a chest wheeze…but only one stop. The rest of the ride I managed reasonably well. In the end, I pushed out 42kms in a little over 2 hours. I’m not sure what that says about my riding, but bear in mind that champion marathon runners finish the same distance in a little over 2 hours…damn that’s fast running.




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