Century Training

3 12 2009

This week I started training for a 120km ride I’m planning for March next year. The goal is to complete it before my 35th birthday. I adapted the plan from the 100km in 12 weeks plan posted by RideWiser on the Bicycle Victoria website

I don’t have the time to ride 6 days a week, or even 5. So essentially I have decided on 3 decent rides, 3 times a week, with a long ride every 3 weeks, plus an Active Recovery day after a long ride. I’d like to be able to stick to the plan as posted but with shift work at the hospital it is just too complicated. So instead, I’ve opted for a loose plan like this:

Day Off (if Thurs or Fri) – Long Ride at least 60km (37.5mi)
Day Off (if not Th/Fri) – Medium Ride – 90 mins max
Rest Day after Medium Ride
Active Recovery Day  after Long Ride + Rest Day
Any other day – Short Ride – 60 mins max – Low Intensity.

It makes sense to me, and I feel that is easily adaptable to my varying work patterns.

This week, I had Thurs and Fri off. Since I had a lot of chores and stuff I needed to get done, I did those on Thurs and has my long ride today (Fri). Tomorrow I have the midnight shift at work, so I will go for a walk in the AM with the girls in the pram. Lots of fluids, healthy lunch and try to avoid the biscuits at work.




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