4 12 2009

As part of my Century Training, I completed a 75km ride today. Prior to today, the longest ride I have ever done was the Canola Canter, a 50km Audax ride, which took me about 2hrs 45mins to complete.

Today, however, I finished 78.69km ride in 3hrs 7mins, a time I am very happy with. That puts my average speed at a little over 25km/hr (15.6mph). Admittedly, I was waning towards the end and the last 12kms really took it out of me, but I finished. For me, it is more about finishing than anything else – good times are a welcome bonus.

I took this route, which can be seen on mapmyride.com

The bike comp clocked it in at 78.69km. I’ve always found that these online mapping sites never get the distances quite right. Then again, perhaps they are right and my trip computer is wrong.

I tried to pick a route that had some decent climbs, nothing too steep and some nice long flats. I decided on going out via the Wagga-Mangoplah Rd as it has a decent enough climb at the start and then drops off considerably about 1/3 of the way in. Add to that, the road is well suited to cyclists, has good visibility and if I decided to pack it in after the first hour, it is still downhill most of the way back. As it happens, I didn’t pike and made it to the end.

I’m not sure why I like hills at the beginning of a ride. I always feel that even on easy, short rides, the beginning is hardest. I haven’t found my rhythm and the legs never feel like they can cope. Then again, if the hills are early on, it’s best to attack them when I’m freshest, and once I make it to the top, i know that the hardest work has been done. One day I’ll pick a route that has a substantial hill in the middle or at the end and I’ll have to see what I’m really made off then.

I have to give credit here to the bike. It might only be an entry level carbon bike, but it was sweet to ride. The difference between the Giro road bike and the Giant hybrid was quite pronounced. I am convinced that I finished because of the quality of the bike. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have made it on the hybrid, but it would have been a whole lot harder.




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