Three Peaks Challenge – Training Ride #4

7 12 2009

Having had a couple of days of after my longest ever ride (75kms), including an Active Recovery Day and a rest day, I’ve decided to attack the 3 “peaks” of Wagga Wagga tonight. Really it is only one peak,my old nemesis Willans Hill, but I’m going to attempt all three of the roads over it. In one go. And since I’m coming back over the hill to get home, I’m really going at it four times.

The word ‘moron’ comes to mind.

Wagga 3 Peaks Challenge

Wagga "3 Peaks"

I’ll post back later with the results.


In addition to the word ‘moron’, the phrase ‘ biting of more than you can chew’ is also justified. Whilst I crossed E-W easily enough, I failed spectacularly going N-S. THe incline was significantly steeper than I was prepared for, and  ultimately steeper than I was capable of. I stopped 4 times before I was even ½ way up and in the process of stopping for a fifth, I came off – the old ‘clipless fall’. Lucky for me, Beauty Point Ave is residential and I fell onto some nice soft lawn. After this, I walked to the top before getting back on. The second half of the N→S climb is much easier (but still hard), and I managed to reach the second peak without stopping. By that stage, I was buggered. In every sense of the word since the Hill had once again made me its bitch. With failing light and a burning chest, I pointed downhill and set off home.

What did I learn? Other than I’m an idiot, I’ve learnt that:

1/ Maps with elevations are very deceptive. Infact, I’m going to devote a fresh post to that very topic.

2/ Night riding is fine with the right gear. Just make sure that gear prepares you for bugs (the flying kind, not the little VW kind).

3/ Sunglasses are useless when it gets dark. I knew this already, but still I failed to take a clear pair of lenses with me. Why did I need them – see point 2 above.

4/ Once an idiot, always an idiot. I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I didn’t get this size by spitting it out. I’ll be back, and will continue until the bitchee has become the bitcher.




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