The right tools…

14 12 2009

As I trawl the web gathering information and knowledge to make my riding better and easier, I often come across pages/blogs/sites devoted to the plethora of shiny new gadgets and gizmos for bikes. Most tell why this is better than that or what the top cyclists use or do…but what does the average joe schmo like me ride with?

On my bike, on a half decent ride, I have the following

1/ Two Bidons filled with Gatorade.

2/ One Bento Bag (with rain cover), one seat bag, one tool bag.

    Product thumbnail In the Bento Bag, I have my sustenance, so it has to be in front of me for easy access. I usually carry two gels, two power bars, and a pre cut banana. This is enough to get me through a 75km (50mi) ride, and I’m planning on doing a 100kmride in a fortnight with the same supplies.
    Product thumbnail In the tool bag, I carry a 16-in-1 multitool, a spare inner tube, 3 tyre levers, a valve adapter and a hand pump.
    Product thumbnail In the seat bag, I carry a mobile phone and wallet with a set of batteries for the lights. I also carry a pair of clear lens glasses. The mobile phone is loaded with a few basic maintenance videos just in case I run into trouble.

3/ Bicycle computer (Sigma Wireless BC 1606L) with cadence.

4/ Cateye front light and two rear lights. One rear light is attached to the seat post, the other to the seat bag.

5/ I also travel with a road ID, and helmet ID at all times.

Does this seem like too much, or not enough? As a relatively new road rider, it is an amount that I am comfortable with. Over time, I’ll almost definitely adjust the contents of the bags, but to what? What do you carry? What are your essentials?




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