The Ten Commandments

25 12 2009

I was cruising the net for some info on pre and post ride checks for the bike and I came across these semi serious “Ten Commandments” for cyclists.

How many have you broken?

1. Thou shall buy from nowhere before your local bike shop.

Always go to your local bike shop before resorting to mail-order catalogs.

2. WD-40 shall not be applied as chain lube.

Does it say “lubricant” on the bottle? Didn’t think so…

3. Keep frequent thy visits to the local bike shop.

You should go at least once per week, not just on the holidays.

4. Thou shall not park your Mercedes in front of the store and then attempt to haggle the price on a $350 bike.

What, you think bike shops have the same margins as car dealers?

5. Thou first bike may come from Wal-Mart, but that is it.

Learn from your mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

6. Thou wert never “just riding along.”

That’s as believeable as “the dog ate my homework.”

7. If thou wert “just riding along,” do not expect thou crumpled frame and bent wheels to be covered under warrantee.

“Well I was just riding along… but then there was this big jump…”

8. Thou shalt not request solid tubes or at least ask for them to be fixed.

Maybe you should try putting some air in them, or learn the simple task of fixing a flat tire.

9. If thou wish to get a good deal on a tube by talking to “Rick,” maybe you should just see Rich.

“Yeah I’ll take two of those, but Rick usually helps me out…” wink wink 😉

10. Thou shall not quote mail-order catalogs in the shop.

When was the last time a catalog fixed your bike for you the night before an important ride?




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