2009 Stats

31 12 2009

As 2009 ends, here are my stats.

Total kms: 925

First 500kms: 122 days.

New Bike: 535kms in 38 days.

1 x 50km Rides → Canola Canter

1 x 75km Rides → 75kms

1 x 100km Rides → C1

The first time I got on the bike this year was when I was working away from home and was doing a lot of call at work. The trip from the flat I was staying in to hospital was a fraction over 2kms on a very slight uphill gradient.

When I got back home and started riding seriously, I couldn’t ride to work without dripping with sweat. The ride to work is just under 5.5kms, and a fair portion of it is flat, or slightly downhill. The one very small hill in the middle, killed me every time. Coming home, the first things I did were hit the shower and guzzle water to quench my burning throat. By riding seriously, I mean that I was making a conscious effort to take the bike over the car (or motorbike) and my goal was to get fit. It is also the date that I started recording my mileage and times. I’ve taken that date as 1 August, 2009.

Three days ago, I completed my first 100km ride, and I finished in under 4 hours. I think it is safe to say that I have the bug.

From a concerted effort to get through 5.5kms to a sub 4 hour century, I’d say that is a fair improvement. I’ve dropped a few kilos along the way, am definitely thinner (albeit a long way to go), and am feeling a lot better about myself.




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