too hot too cold.

10 01 2010

It seems the world has gone crazy, or at least the weather has. Down here in Aus, we are sweltering in 40°C plus (104°F) temperatures. It’s not expected to drop below 40 here until Wednesday, and only then because it is going to storm. Victoria and NSW are rated as extreme fire danger today and SA and parts of South Australia have a catastrophic rating.

Simply put, it’s too damn hot too ride, unless you head out early morning or in the evening when the temp has dropped a bit.

In Europe and America, it is stupidly cold. The UK has record snowfalls, and things are grinding to a halt across Europe, America and Canada as subzero temperatures continue.

Simply put, it’s too damn cold too ride. Unless you’re these guys (thanks to bikenoob for the link) who are heading out on a 200K brevet ride today in 5°C max (41°F), most sane people would be inside keeping warm.

For me, I try not to ride if the risk of heatstroke exceeds the risk of enjoyment. So this limits me to riding in sub 35°C  days. Being Australia, I don’t really have to worry about the cold end of the scale, but I don’t ride if it’s so dark that the only thing I can see is by the light on my bike, it’s pouring, or it’s too windy too stand.

I had planned on a 2 hour ride with BWW this morning, but since it started at 9am, I decided against it. But I do plan on going out tonight around 6-630pm. By then, the temp should have dropped to something bearable, and I can get a good 2 hours in before the sun drops.

What weather stops you from riding?




2 responses

12 01 2010

Chris, thanks for your comment on my blog, always nice to find another blogger with similar story and goals. Included in my goals for 2010 is to ride 5000km (close to your 5200), to re-attempt (I’ll never do it I don’t think) the 100 Pushups program and to maintain my goal weight (I was lucky enough to get to my target a few years back).
Good luck with your goals, I’ll keep following your blog to keep you honest!
I rarely ride if it is wet, I find it a bit treacherous on my road bike. If it’s raining I’d rather run.

14 01 2010

If it’s raining, I’d rather be inside with a good book 🙂
I think I have a fair shot at the 5200kms, just have to stay motivated once the days get short, dark and cold.

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