Hill Training

13 01 2010

I received an email in my mailbox a couple of weeks back, offering “FIVE free entries for my Wagga friends to the Scody High Country Cycle Challenge – 13 & 14 March Mansfield and Mt Buller  –  courtesy of Aussie Butt Cream being a Silver Sponsor. Entries are $125.00″. The mail had been sent to me as part of a group email to members of Bicycle Wagga Wagga.

The next day I completed my first century (mC1) in reasonably good time. The problem is that I was now on a high and so I applied for one of those free entries. And I got it. Bugger. I was committed now. I had signed up for a 115km ride up Mt Buller, with a 50km recovery ride the next day.

The problem here is not the distance. I’m pretty sure I can do 115km. In fact, I know I can. The problem is a huge bloody hill in the middle of 115km. Not just a huge bloody hill, but 1400m of vertical climb (that’s almost a mile). In any language, that is hard work, especially in mine.

It is an understatement to say that I need to train for this. Not having any mile high mountains in my backyard, the best I can manage locally is repeated loops of equally steep hills. And so, I have settled on the following routes and training plans.

To ease any confusion, I have separated this out into two halves. I use the term “half” loosely, as the loops are neither equal in length or difficulty.

1st Half of Beginner Circuit

This “half” of the circuit ascends Leavenworth Drive and Red Hill Road, before looping back to the beginning and turning left for the second “half”

2nd half of Beginner Circuit

This “half” of the circuit ascends Lord Baden Powell Dr and Red Hill Road, before heading towards home.

As always, the actual climb grades are misleading when plotted over a whole course.

Leavenworth Dr is a 13% grade RH Rd is mostly a 7% grade LBP Dr is mostly a 10%-17% grade

I have also nominated a series of markers to help track progress. These can be seen on the full map at the top, and are:

A: Crest of Leavenworth (1st Hill)

B: End of 1st Half

C: Bottom of LBP Dr (3rd Hill)

D: Beginning of RH Rd (4th Hill)

E: End.

My times for my first ever attempt on this Hill Circuit this morning were:

  A B C D E Total Time Total Distance Av Time
13 Jan 00:04:13 00:15:17 00:25:03 00:35:00 00:40:02 00:54:02 22.17 24.63

Based on these times, I have set an overall goal of 30mins for this circuit. Once I can do this, I will move to the Intermediate Circuit.

How do you train for hills?




2 responses

14 01 2010

Woah that is gunna be some ride, that is one huge hill!

We must be on the same wavelength because I’m currently seeking out some hills too, to prepare for the Great Ocean Road Otway Classic ride in March.

14 01 2010

I really wish someone would say “Mate, that hill is easy…you’ll romp it in!”
The Otway Classic is a pretty awesome climb too. Steep from the beginning, then a rest and then steep again. I reckon I’d rather get it all over and done with at the beginning. At least once I’ve done my climb, I can just tuck in and roll down hill to the end.

I’m doing Amy’s Ride in Albury a fortnight before the Scody Challenge. The climb isn’t anywhere as extreme but the distance is a little more so it will be a reasonable indicator of how I’m going. If I struggle…I may pull out of the Scody Challenge.

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