19 01 2010

I decided to have a break from hill training today and take a crack at one of my goals – 50km in under 2 hours.

As far as I was concerned, the best route for this was the one taken on the Canola Canter, my first 50km ride back in October 2009. Not only did I know the route, but regardless of whether or not I succeeded, I would still have a barometer on which to gauge my progress.

When I did the CC last time, there was a strong headwind on the return journey. Today, there was a strong headwind on the outward trip. Even the little Belgian dude I came across on the road was unhappy with it (of course he had been off the bike for 5 months and still streaked ahead of me).

Despite the wind, I was better prepared – better bike, better wheels, better engine. The result →


Date km Time
11 Oct 09 50.82 2hr 42min
19 Jan 10 52.74 1hr 57min

If that wasn’t enough to make my day, my wife gave me a cuddle earlier and as soon as her arms were around me…”you’re getting thinner”…and suddenly, all the hard work, sore legs and early mornings were worth it.

Best. Day. Ever (for 2010).




2 responses

20 01 2010

Well done on achieving the goal, now what’s the next one!

I’m at the stage now where my wife thinks I’ve lost too much weight. That’s a whole different conversation!

20 01 2010

I cannot envisage the day when I will have lost too much weight. My goal is 80kgs which would still class me as “overweight” according to the ludicrous BMI.

Next major goal is Amy’s ride in 5 weeks, which will be my longest ride ever at 130kms.

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