11 metres short

20 01 2010

I went out today with the intention of riding with my local bike group on their usual Wednesday morning ride. Unfortunately I realised before I got there that I was going to be far too late, and that they would already be gone. If it was the Saturday morning ride, I’d have taken a shortcut and joined them after a couple of kms, but they take a do a different ride every Wednesday and I wasn’t sure which way they’d gone.

So instead of turning into the meeting place, I decided to take a crack at another of my 2010 goals – to ride 30kms @ 30km/hr (thats 18.75mi at 18.75mph for those imperialists overseas, which doesn’t have quite the same ring to it). I should point out that I stole the idea for 30@30 from Andrew’s Blog.

Not having mapped a ride in advance, I just made it up as I went. Here is my map for today:

OK, so riding out to the airport and back isn’t very creative.

So how did I go…well the title gives it away…at the 1hour mark, the bike computer read 29.89km.

That’s right…11 metres short. I couldn’t believe it. It was so close I could have spit on the finish line.

Instead, I settled on a consolation prize – do 6 more kms (did eight) and hit 400 for the month to date. I did the 8 and arrived home reasonably happy – until I entered my stats and realised that I’d needed 46km today, not 36km. So now I was 7kms short. Bugger.

In the end, 38.48km in 1hr 21min (I backed off for the last few kms).

Add to that my second flat in as many days, and today has not been the best of days. Only consolation was to take the girls out for rainbow ice cream.

Now I’m over it, and am looking forward to getting some more kms in over the next few days and aiming for 500kms in a calendar month, another first for me. Fingers crossed.




One response

20 01 2010

Hey, well done, that’s a great first 30@30 attempt! Next time for sure.

My 30@30 rules are (not saying they have to be yours);
– 30 kms or more
– Average speed of 30km/hr or more
– No rest breaks with the watch stopped
– Must start and end at the same location (otherwise just go find a 30km downhill)

Good luck next time!

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