Change of Plans

25 01 2010

I have decided on a change of rides. I am no longer going to do the 115km Scody Hill Climb Challenge, but instead am going to do the 110km Amy’s Ride Canberra.

Why? There are a number of reasons:

1) After my ride the other day, I have given serious thought to what my limits are. I’m happy to push them but I don’t want to do too much too fast. I genuinely think that the Scody ride is simply to much for me. I know a lot of seasoned riders who wouldn’t attempt it and I’ve been riding less than six months.

2) As I was booking accommodation, it became clear that I was going to be looking at around $500 for travel and accommodation for the weekend, something I can’t really justify at the moment

3) Finally, we’ve been wanting to go up to the capital to visit some friends who have just had their first baby and I’ve been looking forward to going for a ride with the dad, catch some galleries and have a night out by ourselves…and Amy’s Ride Canberra lets us do all of that.

So…a more suitable ride, whilst still challenging, ride with a mate, visit friends and catch some galleries too…sounds like a great weekend in the making.

Here is the new ride:

Still hilly, but not as bad. Instead of 1400m in a single climb, this adds up to around 1300m of climbing stretched over the whole course. That I can do.




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25 01 2010
Life and Bikes

Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor. I think you made a wise choice and can still keep the Scody as a very challenging goal to work towards in the future. Cycling can be quite the addictive sport, and many riders often overestimate their abilities. Hill climbing especially requires quite a bit of experience, so it’s good that you’re willing to take a step back and look at the bigger pictures. Sometimes the ego can be a cyclist’s biggest enemy, good to know there are still some sensible people out there!

25 01 2010

I think part of the problem is that my mindset was based on pretty much achieving all of my goals. One or two fails, but essentially I have succeeded more often than not. Several of the guys I ride with have commented on how quickly I have come along. I think I let that go to my head.

It only took one very hard ride to make me pull my head in.

25 01 2010

Chris, those are all excellent lessons on your last post! All well worth remembering. I’ve returned from a couple of rides recently and found my phone sitting in the garage because I forgot to put it in my bike pack – fortunately for me I hadn’t needed it on the ride.

Good choice to do Amy’s Ride. I did Amy’s Geelong the last couple of years and have enjoyed them a lot – great atmosphere and a good cause!

27 01 2010

Dude that’s awesome…!! So looking forward to the ride… and the visit of course.

27 01 2010

still have to organise for nanny to look after the girls so suze and i can come up. until she says yes then nothing is for certain.

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