Two little milestones

28 01 2010

I completed my first unofficial 30@30 today. Unofficial because it doesn’t conform with the official ajhblog rules of 30@30.


1/ 30 kms or more
2/ Average speed of 30km/hr or more
3/ No rest breaks with the watch stopped
4/ Must start and end at the same location

It was unofficial because the ride didn’t start and finish at the same place. I left from home and took a very circuitous route into work this morning. Pushed hard and did 31.66km in 1hr 02m 59s (30.16kph)

For the record, my three official 30@30 routes are here.

In the process, I clocked over 500kms in a calendar month. Another first.

By the end of the weekend, I should have reached 1500kms total since my record-keeping began.




3 responses

29 01 2010

this post just made me realize i need to get on my bike! dreadful winters!

29 01 2010

I’m going to go over 500km for January too, only just though.

If you feel you didn’t get any wind advantage or elevation advantage – I’d count the 30@30. Who cares about that AJH bloke’s rules anyway 🙂

29 01 2010

Well you are the official judge, and as they say, “…the judges decisions is final and no correspondence will be entered into…”
As for the 500km, you have also done a ton of running and gym work too… and you’ve got quite a few years on me!

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