Month End

31 01 2010

So that’s January all wrapped up, and I think it has been a pretty good month. More kms than ever before, better times, and a goal achieved.


Total (kms) 587.12
Total (time) 22:16:59
Av. Speed 26.35
Longest Ride 67.5
Av. Ride 30.9

50km Rides = 4
50mi Rides = 0
100km Rides = 0

Goals Achieved: 1

50km in under 2 hours: Achieved Jan 19, 2010


It has been a good month. I completed 500kms (almost 600) in a calendar month. I remind myself that it took just on 4 months to complete my first 500. That’s a great improvement in my overall fitness. During the month, I also reached 1500kms total since I started counting.

I’ve got 2 100km+ rides planned in Feb, and so I should get some great numbers again. I won’t go this hard all year though, I’ll back off through winter, and also start looking at some running.




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