Things that hurt…

1 02 2010

(or at least crush your spirit).

1. Whilst riding late last year, on a particularly hot day, I’d been struggling to keep up with a particular rider. Everytime I caught him, he’d pull away again. Eventually, I decided he was toying with me. Anyway, on one occassion, he hung around long enough to have a chat. All the usual stuff – the heat, pacing yourself, fluids etc…and then somehow we came around to his age. I guessed he was 50 or 60. He looked very lean and fit, and had obviously spent some time in the sun. I’d seen him riding with the group before and I knew he was a regular. I nearly fell off the bike when he told me his age…80. Double my age, and he just gave me a spanking.

2. Having a chat with a rider the other day, I learnt that he was a track cyclist and in his words “…didn’t get much time on the road…”. We started talking distances and I told him I was hoping to get to 500kms this month and that would be an all time record for me, especially since I’ve had to squeeze in rides before and after work etc… Same deal with him…how many kms on the road had he done in this self declared quiet week?…a mere 350! No wonder he’s been invited to the national championships.




3 responses

4 02 2010

Just found your site from “biking to live”. Never heard of a 30/30 before but I like the concept! shouldn’t be too hard to convert computer to KM/H.

4 02 2010

If you’re running in mph just go for 18.75mi @ 18.75mph!

5 02 2010

I did some quick math on the way home last night and realized
that’s serious motoring and also the my goal for the summer
so Thanks for a fun way to go for it!

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