Bad Form

10 02 2010

Before I outline what happened…what do you consider to be bad form, as in bad cycling etiquette?

What has another ride done that has really got you mad, or what have you done that has pissed them off?




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10 02 2010

I think it’s bad cycling etiquette to ride in more than one lane during a group ride. Some club rides and organized rides, because of their size, will take up an entire traffic lane, as they are entitled to by law (although I think most laws limit you to riding two abreast). But I’ve seen lots of groups bunched up in a lane, chatting away, and some pulling out into an adjoining — or even oncoming — traffic lane. That’s just going to antagonize motorists, and why would we want to do that?

10 02 2010

I agree with the above post as well, but your question reminded me of something that another rider (someone I know) did on a recent large participation ride (Amys Ride). He kept overtaking people on the left (which is pretty silly I reckon), and some riders got quite annoyed with that.

10 02 2010

Passing on the left is very bad form. What is it that the truckies say? The right side is the passing side, the left side is suicide?

11 02 2010
Life and Bikes

Really only two things that irritate me, cyclists who ride two abreast and take up narrow shoulders preventing other cyclists from passing without taking the lane. The other is half wheeling, when you pass a cyclist and all of a sudden they put on their race face you and speed up to pass you. Then they tire, and as you try and pass again they match you, turning a casual ride into Contador vs. Andy Schleck going up Mt. Ventoux. Too many egos among male cyclists.

A final one I just thought of are cyclists who are too free with their advice. I remember riding a particularly tough and steep hill. I distinctly remember passing someone who had dismounted their bike to walk it up. As I coasted on the descent trying to catch my breath, this rider caught up with me and advised me to shift into my big ring for more speed on the downhill. I could only think to myself, “If you had just pedaled up that 14% grade instead of walking you would probably be coasting too.” Thankfully I was too out of breath to get any words out.

12 02 2010

I ride a lot of bike paths in the city. What bothers me isn’t that people are distracted as they use the path but, look at me when I say “on your left” for the third or forth time (admittedly with a little edge the last time) like I’m the problem.

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