It’s coming.

12 02 2010

On my very first blog post back in September last year, I wrote that “…I stare down the barrel of my 35th birthday…”. Not only am I still staring down it, but some time has cocked the gun and is ready to shoot.

In less than one calendar month, I will be 35. I am determined to be less than 90kg on my birthday.

According to the magic scales, as of 5 minutes ago:

Date: 12 Feb 2010 7 Jan 2010
Height: 176cm (5ft 10)
Weight 91.5kg (201.3lbs) 93.1km (204.8lbs)
BMI 29.54 30.06
% Body Fat 26.9 % 27.9%
Total Body Water % 53.3 % 52.6%
Muscle % 35.4 % 34.9%
Bone Mass 3kg 3kg
Chest 114cm (44.88in)
Waist 106cm (41.73in)

So I have 26 days to lose 1.5kg.

If I’m honest with myself, I have put little effort into my diet so far this year, and even less this week. A hard month of sensible eating, lots of exercise and I’ll reach my first weight goal.




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12 02 2010

You’ll do that easy if you stay true!

24 02 2010

Hey Chrisfit

Your blog is inspiring! A mate and I who work together both bought new bikes in Aug 09. He’s about your age (33 or 34) and somewhat time challenged with 2 boys under school age and a third due in May. I’m 50 later this year with three grown children and more time on my hands. My wife is now a cycling widow…LOL.

Still, despite our differences, we jumped into this journey together. In Aug he bought a Giant Farrago, and is now thinking hard about making the leap into the Drop Bar Road Bike world.

In Aug I bought a Giant CRX3 (also a flat bar) but last week bought an SE Draft Lite single speed bike with steel frame and drop bars. Riding with only 1 gear has helped my pedalling style no end and I ride 20km to work at 28-30 km/h (it’s mostly flat wih a few gentle hills). I picked it up new at my LBS for $460 with upgraded tyres, pedals, toe clips, seat, seat post.

I’m aiming for 7500 km this year, and am up to 1600 so far, with 1 x 100km and 1 x 94km ride under my belt. Riding to/from work most days (36km round trip) helps. I’ll have 7-8 weeks in the middle of the year when I’ll be travelling away from home and might struggle to beg, borrow or steal a bike to keep the rides up!

My mate is struggling to find the time to rack up these sorts of distances. He lives 1 km from work, so I have an advantage there.

I’m going to send him your blog for a read. We were both 91/94kg respectively on Jan 1st, and are both down to 86/87 kg now, but we are also doing occasional lunch time 5km runs at a local oval, and are working hard to eat the right stuff.

Your Apollo Giro looks awesome. You are riding at a fair clip compared to us, so you obviously have a really good base fitness level. Stick with it and good luck!

25 02 2010

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m really happy that people are enjoying it.

The Giant Farrago is a good bike. It’s what I started on, and I still keep it in the shed. It gets used infrequently, but I’m happy knowing that it is there if I need it. It’s a heavy bike and your mate will notice the difference when he moves to a proper road bike.

It sounds like you are doing well too. I suspect you will surpass me soon with that single speed training, if you haven’t already. 7500kms in a year is a pretty impressive target, especially for your first calendar year. I’m aiming at 5200km.

86kgs sounds great, wish I was there too. Once I get around to sorting out my diet and start some running and some resistance training, I should get there too.

The Giro is great. Good entry level carbon road bike, and Australian to boot. Apollo have a $12000 road bike now which I would love to get my hands on but I fear I never will at that price.

Keep in touch and let me know how things go.

4 03 2010
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