16 02 2010

Having the beginning of the week off for once, I decided I would take the opportunity to go for a ride with a different bike group, the Wagga Wagga Cycling Club. Disregarding the hideous webpage, these guys are the local road racing club. As such, they tend to ride significantly faster than I’m used to.

I don’t know what speed they set off at, but they dropped me after about 2km.  I actually think I could have kept up, but I absolutely struggled this morning. Everything ached and I had no strength or rythym. The best I could maintain for a fair chunk of the first 10km (6mi) was about 22kph (13.75mph). After that, things started clicking into place and I picked up some speed. Of course I had been well and truly dropped by then, and the best I could hope for was to pick up a few stragglers.

I managed to reel in three, but I suspect two of them were less interested in riding than chatting. At the end of the day, I eked out 39.72km @ 29.51kph (24.83mi @ 18.44mph).

In the end, a good ride. But I didn’t make it home. I hit what seems to have been a large metal staple and flatted out about 5km from home. Of course, no spare tube (stupid stupid mistake), but through a stroke of sheer luck, a local triathlete was passing in his 4WD and gave me a lift home.




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17 02 2010

Sounds like it was a tough group ride. I guess some of them are that way. Some folks don’t like to carry a spare tube but I do. That way I can just swap the punctured one out and patch it later. Very nice of the guy to pick you up.

17 02 2010

I usually carry two spare tubes, but I’d run out and hadn’t made it down to the bike shop for some more. I have now.

17 02 2010

I always carry a tube and a patch kit. And always gotta have one or two more spare tubes in the garage. I rarely bother patching my tubes, the kit is just in case I get two punctures in any one ride.

17 02 2010

Yeah I usually do too. In fact, I usually carry sticky scabs and glue-on scabs, along with two tubes. Plus I also have two spares in my bike bag.

I’m actually contemplating buying 50 tubes online for $200, rather than $9 each at the LBS.

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