Dropped again

23 02 2010

Another Tuesday morning ride with the A group, another butt-kicking.

Today however, I managed to hang on for about 5kms before starting to slip off and it was 7kms before I was definitely gone. Definite improvement.

It’s a good hard ride, always feeling it by the end and gives me something to work towards. My first goal is to stay with them until the top of the first hill.

The loop is 28.13km (17.58mi) and it took me 56m3s. That’s an average speed of 30.11kph (18.82mph). Since I’m at the back of the bunch (by some distance), I’ll take a slight detour on the latter half next time and pad it out to 30km. With a bit of luck, I’ll get a 30@30 out of it.

Adding in the trip to and from home, I clocked up 45.11km @ 29.02kph (28.19mi @ 18.14mph) in 1:33:16

I don’t get discouraged by being dropped. I use it to motivate me. It lets me know where I want to be and I remind myself that I have to do the hard work to get there. And I’m not afraid of hard work any more.

I’ll probably go out for a solo ride tomorrow morning, and then I’ll take a few days off before the 130km (81mi) Amy’s Ride (Albury) on Sunday.




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23 02 2010

45+km at 29km/hr is a very decent ride. I am constantly amazed at how easily some riders seem to go past me.

23 02 2010

I’m very happy with the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want the average speed to say 30kph. In fact, if I could manage the 130km Amy’s Ride on Sunday at anywhere near that speed, I’d be ecstatic, but am aiming for 26kph.

One of the local triathletes must have started late, because he came flying up behind me and overtook me like I was standing still. He caught the bunch about a minute later.

24 02 2010

I agree, that looks like a great ride on your part. You deserve big credit for riding with the A group.

I seem to have the problem with other riders flying by me as well. Especially chicks on their tri/tt rigs. Sometimes I feel like I may get knocked over by the rush of wind as they below by pushing a 53T.

24 02 2010

I wasn’t so much riding with them as behind them, but thanks.
I started with them so that’s something. Perhaps if I had a 53/39 instead of a wimpy 50/34 I’d have kept up.

Then again, perhaps it’s the legs that are wimpy.

24 02 2010

Good for You! The last group ride I did I knew I was in trouble right out of the parking lot. I was O.k. on the first and second climbs(well I was still pedaling and just edging into the red zone) The third climb zonked me. it was humiliating. What did I learn? If in the parking lot suiting up, I see a chick with aero-bars, this is probably not the ride for me!

25 02 2010
Bunch Rider

Where does the “A” grade ride start from? Is it the normal Tuesday & Thursday morning ride by the local cycle club? I have never heard it called that as it is open to all riders.

25 02 2010

Yep, it’s the Tues/Thurs AM ride from Lake Albert. It’s not called the “A” Group at all, but that’s what I call it, because the group goes harder and faster than the BWW group.

25 03 2010
Not so dropped « chrisfit2009

[…] dropped every time. The first time I went out with them, I was dropped after about two minutes. The second time, after about 5. Since then, my goal has been to stay with them until the big hill. And today I did […]

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