Month End

28 02 2010

So that’s February all wrapped up, and I think it has been a pretty good month. Not as many kms as Jan, but two centuries (mC2 & mC3).


Total (kms) 468.61
Total (time) 17:12:39
Av. Speed 27.23
Longest Ride 134.35
No. of rides 9

50km Rides = 0
50mi Rides = 0
100km Rides = 2

Goals Achieved: 0


I think this month has been a bit of a mixed bag. I may have done 468kms, but over half of that was in two rides. Exclude those and I’ve only had 7 rides this month, for 203kms. Then again, I took three days of after my first century this month, and then it rained for the next three. Then I had a week of night shifts, which limits my opportunity to ride. I guess, all things considered, I remain ahead of target for my yearly goal, I’ve acheived a new PB ride length, reached 1000km YTD and I raised $550 for charity. Can’t really complain about that.

I’ve got another 100km charity ride planned for March, plus a weight target and a birthday to get through, and hopefully a significant redesign of my diet and exercise plan.




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