4 simple goals

1 03 2010

I’ve been thinking about last nights post, in which I quietly lamented the past month. I didn’t get anywhere as much time on the bike as I wanted and I’m not particularly happy about it.

So I’ve set myself a couple of additional goals for this month. All of them are from my 2010 goals list and they are:

1) 3 x 30@30. I have 3 routes already mapped out, although one needs to be changed to exclude the unsealed roads.

2) Ride 5 consecutive days @ min 30kms a day. Since I have a 100km Charity Ride coming up, I think this would be a good way of some training for it. My first shot at it will be to get out five consecutive days from this coming Thursday.

3) Begin running. I think 2.5kms is a fair goal for the first month. The only criteria is that it must be non stop & must start and finish at same place.

4) Reach birthday weight goal (90kg).




4 responses

2 03 2010

Hey man, you’re definitely off on the right track. Having good goals will take you there. I know you’ll reach them. Looking forward to checking in on your progress.

2 03 2010

Yeah, sounds like some good goals there to keep you interested!

3 03 2010
Bunch Rider

Hey Chris, Great goal setting hope you meet all of them, just wondering what is the fifth goal?

4 03 2010

Goal 5. Learn how to count.
Thanks for the heads up, have fixed post title.

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