Another first

3 03 2010

I had my first crash a couple of days ago.

Riding home from work after a normal day at work, I ran into a parked car. That’s right, not a moving car, but a PARKED car. If you’re asking yourself how someone rides into a parked car…here’s the short version

Riding home, getting dark. Looked down to activate backlight on bike computer and check time. Looked up to see a car in front of me. Close to the kerb, I swerved to miss, but didn’t. I clipped it such that I went down sideways, landing on my elbow and my head.

If you didn’t already know


OK, so I might not have been about to die, but I was dazed when I got up. I hit my head pretty hard, and my helmet is dead. By dead, I mean I’d be an idiot to use it again for anything more than a flowerpot.

The lesson here is easy: Pay Attention! I was stupid to take my eyes off the road, and bloody lucky that all I hit was a parked car on a mostly empty road. It could have been much much worse.

So I have a sore neck, road rash on my elbow, a cut on my ankle, a graze behind the knee and wounded pride, but other than that, all is well. I got off lightly because


This incident has also earned me a new nickname…Bulldog. Awesome.




3 responses

3 03 2010

You only have to lose concentration for a second, don’t you. Sounds like you were pretty lucky. Good excuse to buy a flash new helmet! You don’t mention any damage to the bike, so I assume it survived ?

4 03 2010

Glad to here you’re ok.

4 03 2010

Bike seems to be fine, thankfully.
Didn’t go for falsh helmet, just regular one. Not quite as streamlined as expensive ones but good enough

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