Back to square one (Zero Run)

4 03 2010

As much as I wanted to, I was unable to go for a ride today. This morning I didn’t have the willpower to get out of bed when my alarm went off, and so slept through my morning ride. This evening, I had too much to do and by the time I’d done it all, I wouldn’t have got much of a ride in.

Deciding I only had half an hour or so (at best) of reasonable light left, I decided to go for a run.

Oh my god. Running is hard. Even though it was only a very short run, I felt in my legs, my shoulders and my chest. Catching a breath on the second half of the run was extremely difficult. And as I sit here typing this I can feel the pain in my leg muscles (I’m guessing sartorius or vastus medialis – it’s hard to tell exactly where the pain is).

So the run was a lap of my street or 1.26km (0.78mi) and it took me 6m43s. That is a whopping 5m20s per km, or roughly an 8½ minute mile.

The lap itself is pretty flat, only a very slight hill.

I guess we all have to start somewhere. I’ve previously stated that I’d like to run 2.5km non-stop by the end of March. Based on this time, I think setting myself a goal of 11½ minutes is realistic.




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4 03 2010

5:20 min/km is a pretty good training pace, I average about 5:30 most months.

5 03 2010
Life and Bikes

The first two weeks is always the toughest. Just give it time, and don’t forget to give your body the chance to rest and recover, since it’s so high-impact. Running is tremendous cross-training for cycling. It’s very different and involves more of the lower leg muscles than cycling. I try to run at least six miles a week, and it has helped my overall fitness quite a bit. There are also some very important benefits running provides to promoting bone density and overall health.

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