Best Intentions

9 03 2010

Despite my desire to ride as many days as possible this month, my plans have gone awry.

March 1 – Short recovery ride then CRASH
March 2 – Crashed – far too sore
March 3 – Still resting
March 4 – Couldn’t drag myself out of bed. Blame lingering soreness.
March 5 – Pouring with rain
March 6 – Assumed it would be pouring with rain, since it was when I went to bed, and most of the night. It wasn’t. Beautiful day.
March 7 – Absolutely pissed down. Roads closed, nearby towns evacuated. 4 inches in 24 hours
March 8 – Roads reopened, but feeling very sluggish after birthday BBQ last night. Suprisingly decent day outside.
March 9 – Dreary, cloudy day. Worked till midnight last night so 6am group ride was out. Went for jog at lunch time, and then decided to go for ride when i got back. Made it to end of street before rain started. Discovered gear shift problem, so need to service bike before weekend

I have a 100km charity ride on Sunday, and I had planned on having three days off before hand. Add to that the need to get the bike to the shop, it looks like the whole first two weeks of the month will see one genuine ride.




One response

9 03 2010

Yes, it’s been tough to get out the last few days. Substitute puncture for crash and our months look similar.

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