15 03 2010

1940 That’s how many metres I ran today. Which means I successfully stepped up to week 2 of my March jogging program. If I can get through 4 more runs this week at the same length, and without any significant loss in time, I’ll step up to 2.5kms next week – keeping me on track for my month end running goal.

For the stats – 1.94km in 10m07s (11.51kph or 5m13s/km). This is well on track to succeed at my month end goal of 2.5km in 11.5min.

92.3 That’s how many kgs I weighed when I stepped on the scales on my birthday. Not good enough as far as I am concerned, because this is a weight gain of 800grams. To be honest, I suck at sticking to a diet, but I’m not convinced that’s the cause. I actually think I am eating too much before a ride. In the last fortnight, I’ve had a birthday bbq, birthday cake, a wonderfully heavy French meal on a faux Parisian getaway, three beers and two days of carbo loading. And it’s the carbo loading that really does it – I’m not expending anywhere as near as much energy on the bike as I’m putting in. Plus I have been “refuelling” afterwards. It’s not that I don’t work hard during a ride, but it just doesn’t take that two days of loading to do a 100km anymore. A hearty meal the night before and I’m set.

35 Thanks to the inexorable march of time, that’s how old I am now. Dammit. Can’t I skip a birthday just once?

26 The number of push-ups I did in the initial exhaustion test for the 100 pushups program. I’m hoping to get through to Week 3 this time before I hang my head in shame.

16 The number of days before the month ends and find out if I have reached my goals.

5 The number of consecutive mornings I am going to ride before work (for at least an hour) starting tomorrow. No excuses, no fails. I have to get up early for a 6am start anyway, so an extra hour won’t make too much difference, especially when I can have afternoon naps all week. I’m not overly keen about riding in the dark, but it will probably be less difficult than riding in the afternoon.




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15 03 2010

Well done on the running! Keep it up, it’ll help you shift that weight.

I’ve only ever carbo-loaded when I did my marathon in 2007, I’ve never intentionally carbo-loaded for a ride, for the longer rides I take a couple of bars with me (I like the Cadel Evans Mountain Mix bars).

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