A Hard Week

20 03 2010

In my last post I said that I was going to ride 5 consecutive mornings this week “no excuses, no fails”. Well I made excuses, and I didn’t ride 5 mornings before work. But I did ride two + an evening + two afternoons. Which means I although I didn’t ride for 5 mornings, I have successfully ridden for five straight days at a minimum of 30km (18.75mi) a day. I  didn’t ride every morning, because it is cold and dark, and I’m a wuss. But I still did the 5 days straight, so I’m very happy with that.

  kms time kph  
Day 1 33.06 1:08:06 29.13  
Day 2 45.28 1:33:41 29.00  
Day 3 30.23 1:00:22 30.05 30@30
Day 4 33.48 1:06:49 30.06 30@30
Day 5 37.29 1:17:50 28.75  

On top of that, I have also managed to run 5 times this week, which for me is a very big thing, especially considering two weeks ago I needed a couple of days off after a 1.26 (0.8mi) run. As per my plan, I ran the same 1.94km loop each time, and am now ready to step up to the 2.5km loop.

Distance 1.94km
10m07 10m11 9m52 10m19 11m11

You may have noticed that today’s run was significantly slower than the rest. The reason for that is that I tried to push a little harder and go a little faster. I was hoping to push through and do a 9:30 lap time. To do that, the plan was to maintain a normal pace in the first and third sections of the track and pick up the pace in the middle section. Problem is, once I picked up the pace, I struggled. I started getting a sharp pain behind by left shoulder blade, which is never a good sign. I stopped immediately and to’d and fro’d for a bit while I decided whether to quit or try and persevere. In the end, I kept going, but at a slower pace. But I finished. I could have quit. I’d certainly stopped and was contemplating it, but I didn’t. I finished what I’d started. And know I now, if I control the pace, I’ll make the 2.5k distance.

But not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a rest day from both running and riding. Come to think of it, so is Monday. In fact, I think I’ll make it a rest day from anything other than family time.




3 responses

21 03 2010

Wow, 5 rides and 5 runs in the week is an impressive effort, especially with two 30@30 rides! Good job!

21 03 2010

Thanks mate. I’m enjoying a couple of days off now. Even cracked a beer this evening (that makes 10 for the year).

When is the Ocean Road ride?

8 04 2010
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