Stepping Up

24 03 2010

Am moving up to a 2.5km run today. Fingers crossed.

And done. Not too shabby either I reckon.

Before I reveal my time – bear in mind the following –

Todays goal: 2.5km in under 15 minutes (10kph)
My month end goal: 2.5km in 11½ minutes (13.04kph)
My six month goal: 9.5km in under 1 hour (9.5kph) [Lake to Lagoon “Fun Run”]

So todays time – my first attempt at this distance – 13m30s (11.11kph)

That’s inside of the minimum time set for today, and at a speed that is in keeping with my six month goal. I now have a week to bring my time down to have a crack at my month end goal. It’ll be difficult. Cutting 15% from my time in 7 days sounds difficult. I’m going to run the same distance every day up to and including Sunday, and then have two days off before a shot at the time.

And if I don’t make the time? So what. I tried. By months end I’ll have run somewhere around 30kms in a month. And since I’ve never done that before…it’ll definitely be a win.

So how did I feel? Pretty good actually. I was a bit worried about the run, because the change in distance required a slight change in course. More precisely, one that included a small hill. I needn’t have been worried. I did well and didn’t miss a beat. I’d be really interested in a gadget that tracked my running cadence/speed along with GPS location.

Anyway, it felt good. I was actually contemplating turning off the chosen course and making it a bit longer, but I really wanted to have a benchmark time for the distance, so I stayed true. Looking forward to trying to push the pace a little tomorrow.




2 responses

24 03 2010

Good effort Chris! What you didn’t tell us was how you felt during/after ?

24 03 2010


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