Lazy morning, fast afternoon

26 03 2010

The morning started off with a colossal fail. I had organised to go for a 60km (38mi) ride this morning before work. It meant a 6am start. I’d been into work yesterday afternoon and dropped uniform and gear off, so I wouldn’t have to carry a backpack with me on the ride.

Everything organised, alarm set. I woke at 5.20am and had breakfast. By the time I’d finished (5.30am) I was doubting whether or not I wanted to ride. By 5.40, I was back in bed, having decided that as well as the ride, I was going to blow off work as well. In essence, I needed a “mental health” day. In those twenty minutes, I’d shifted into a place that I don’t like being in. I don’t function very well at all when I’m there and the only real solution is to be close to the family and do normal family things. As I tell my wife, she is my centre (as are my daughters) and sometimes when I get “out-of-balance”, I need to return to my centre. Had I gone to work, I would have been awful to be around, and wouldn’t have been useful. And there are enough useless people at work as it is.

So I slept in, rang in sick, and then pottered around the house. Actually, I did housework – is there anything more normal and family than that? By about lunch time, I was doing better. I’d started getting my head straight. By 3, I was right and in the mood to get active.

So I headed off for a run. The same 2.5km loop that I did the other day, but today I pushed a little harder. Trip time 12m24s, over a minute faster than last time. I pretty impressed with my time actually. I’m thinking that it was the day off running that did it, and am thinking about a two day on, one day off run cycle.

Finished off the afternoon with a trip to the shops to buy a cap to run in. I have a Halo bandana, but I just can’t bring myself to run in it. So a quick trip to Big W and I now have a nice black cap to run in.

I’m thinking that tomorrow I could do the ride before work, but I start at 6am, which would require a 3.30 ride start…not too sure that is a very good idea.




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27 03 2010

Hello. I really need a mental health day as well. I think that every once in awhile it’s good to just stay home and do some “family stuff”. It helps to stay home and let your spouse see that you care to help with the things she normally does while you are off at work. At least that’s how it is at my house. I have developed a love for cooking when I’m off. It gives my wife a break and allows me to eat some foods that we normally would not, as she is not the adventurous type in the kitchen.

I’m currently training to run a 5k using the Hal Higdon program. Those bike riding distances sound very intimidating. Look forward to your next posts.

28 03 2010


I took a look at the HH program. I can understand why you are using it, but it is too regimented for me. I like to get out and go for a ride or a run because I want to not because I have too. And regimented programs like that always stir up the want to/have to dilemma in me.

How far through the program are you? That is, when is your 5k run? At my current rate of progress I’m hoping to attempt (and complete) my first 5k run sometime in May. On some days, I reckon I could plod through one now, but I am trying not to push too hard too fast too soon.

I’ll keep an eye on your blog. Good Luck.


29 03 2010

Hi Chris,

Sorry it’s taken me a few days to get back to you. It is a little regimented, but I shift things around if I have to… sometimes life gets in the way of working out. I am beginning week 4 of the program this week. I too am trying not to push too hard. How long does it take to bike 38 miles? Seems like that would be much harder than running 5k.

30 03 2010


It takes me about two and a quarter hours to ride 38miles (60km). My first 50km ride took me nearly 3 hours, but the conditions were pretty awful and I was on a hybrid. On 1.5hr+ rides, I can usually maintain 25-28kph depending on the conditions. On shorter rides, it’s around 30kph.

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