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28 03 2010

For only the second time in 7 months, I’m regretting a workout.

On Friday evening, a couple of hours after completing my first ever 2.5km run, I decided to do the initial exhaustion test for the 200 situps and 200 squats programs. 18 situps (pathetic) and 108 squats (not too shabby) later, and I was dripping with sweat. I threw in 100 calf raises for good measure too.

Problem is, yesterday I was suffering. DOMS kicked in and I had the old Frankenstein walk. Today was better, my quads felt much better after a day of on/off stretching. The calves not so much. Still, I did manage to ride to and from work this morning, taking the most direct route both times. A leisurely (carefully paced) 11km round trip took just over 26mins (25.2kph).

The third thing I did, was a very gentle run this afternoon. Running with sore legs hurts at the beginning, but the pain eased off as I found a rhythm. Perhaps it was because I was going slower, or because I’d had a couple of days off, but I seemed to breathe easier this time around. As a result, I extended my run out to 3kms. I felt like I was going really slow, barely plodding along. When I crunched the numbers, I realised I had done the 3kms in 18:29, or 9.74kph.

Now prior to today, I’d been averaging 11.31kph. Also worth thinking about is my six month goal of 9.5k in sub 1 hour. That means an average speed of no less than 9.5kph (obviously). If I thought today was slow, I am wondering if I have set my goal time a little too low.

Should I be aiming for something around 50-52 minutes? Or will I lose time in the crush at the beginning of a big fun run? I have a few months to figure this out, but how do you set your running goals?

p.s. Good on Tony Abbott for having a crack at the Ironman. He may be a snivelling, hypocritical, bigoted, moronic God botherer, and I wouldn’t vote for him in a pink fit, but kudos to him for being man enough to run a triathlon in pink lycra when the whole country is watching.




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28 03 2010

Be sure to run a lot of your running training mileage at a slower pace. Getting in some more distance in your legs is much easier at a slower pace. I have never been good at this, but I know the theory that mixing up your running training into slower sessions for longer, and tempo (race pace), with some speed interval sessions is what is generally recommended.

28 03 2010

Oh, and I set my race goals based on training runs initially, then it is just a matter of beating the PB once it is set.

29 03 2010

The exhaustion test sounds interesting, I’m going to have to try that. 50-52 minutes for a 10K? That would be a really, really good time for me. That’s pretty close to 8 minute miles which is way faster than I am able to run at this point in time. I’m hoping for 9 minute miles for my 5k in about 5 weeks, giving me about a 27 minute time total.

30 03 2010

Good luck with the 5k goal.
The exhaustion tests are part of the 100pushups, 200situps, 200squats programs. The links are on the sidebar.

I ran my first 5k today (or 5.8k) in 37m24s. Not bad, happy just to finish inside 40min, wasn’t trying to do anything other than that.

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