After every failure…

30 03 2010

comes a colossal win.

I ate like a pig yesterday afternoon. Three sausages, a hot cross bun, some chocolate peanuts and ice-cream. A lot of icecream. Oh, and a red frog. Why? Don’t know, I just know I had the munchies and my willpower failed me. I should have gone for a run when I got home, but instead I sat around feeling sorry for myself and my still sore calf muscles (the quads are fine now). The excuses came thick and fast…”I’m having a day off”, “I’ll work out extra hard tomorrow”, “I’m tired and sore and allowed to if I want to”. If all those things are true, why did I feel so guilty while I was doing it? Why did I hide what I ate from my wife? Why did I feel completely and utterly miserable, ashamed and unsatisfied about stuffing my face?

The solution, I decided was to work extra hard today. I set the alarm for 4.30am, and planned to be on the road to jog the almost 6kms to work by 5. Bad start – didn’t get out of bed until 4.50. OK, 10 mins to eat and great dressed…I’ll just check my email first…

5.10 and I’m still procrastinating. I’ve eaten, but now I’m surfing the headlines online. As I think about it for a second, I resolve to get off my slightly-larger-than-yesterday-arse and get moving. I get dressed, pack my bag and head out side.

5.20 and I’m standing in the driveway. Got everything (think so). Good, go.

I’m not sure what possessed me to think I could jog 6kms, considering I’ve never gone further than 3 before. Especially considering my legs hurt and I haven’t even started. Doesn’t matter, I’ll jog as far as I can, then put my patented two step strategy into place (patented but ripped off from a multitude of running sites).

Step 1…Jog, until you feel like you’re lagging then pick a point to reach before re-assessing. For example, “I’ll just run to that corner” or “I’ll just get to that sign”, and then reassess once you’re there. The desire to stop may have passed and you can push on. It might simply be the same, and you can push on to the next street on the next sign. Just keep finding a fraction more. If however, you do stop…

Step 2…Walk, don’t stop. Keep yourself moving forward, and apply step 1 again. Just walk for one minute or until the next relevant marker and then try to jog again (always using step 1). Before you know it, you’ll be at your destination and will have completed something you didn’t think you can do.

This was the plan I had in my mind. This was how I was going to get through the (almost) 6kms to work in under 40 minutes (I hate being late to work, although I frequently am). Only problem is, I don’t know if the plan works. I haven’t tested it, because I didn’t stop. I jogged (almost) 6km non-stop. Even when it started raining I didn’t stop.

I discovered on my last run, that by dropping the pace just a little, I could go further – a lot further. I’d been maintaining an average of about 11.3kph or 5.3min/km (7.06mph; 8.5min/mi) on all of my runs until then. On my last run, I dropped to 9.7kph which is roughly a 15% decrease in speed. I found that after extending my run out to 3kms, I felt a lot better than on shorter, faster runs. So today, I kept my speed a little lower, and I’ve managed to double the distance!

Needless to say, I’m very happy (although apparently I said it anyway). I’ve completed a 5km run about 2 months earlier than expected. Awesome.

All up this morning, I ran 5.8kms in 37m24s (9.34kph). I’d set myself a goal time of 40mins, and I’m stoked that I beat that.

I haven’t posted the map, because it would start from home and I don’t want to post my home address. Lots of wierdos out there.

However, not everything went to plan this morning, and this is possibly the most important lesson I will ever learn. If you run to work, and plan to shower and change once your there, it is absolutely essential to remember underpants and trousers. Clean socks help too, but what doesn’t help is having three tops. Thankfully, I can just scab some scrubs from theatre, but without any clean undies, I’ve chosen to go “commando” rather than put on a wet pair of skins (wet because I washed them in the shower).

Lesson Learnt #7: Don’t forget to take underwear and pants, if you plan on getting changed at your destination.

If the rain and lightning has stopped by the end of my shift, I’m going to attempt to plod home too.


And so I did. The weather cleared up and it has turned into quite a nice afternoon. Jogging home by a slightly different route, I covered 5.5km in 34m28s, a pace slightly faster than this morning. Considering the return trip is a gentle uphill slope, and I’d had a busy day on my feet at work, I’m surprised and very very happy.

Indoor cricket tonight, which isn’t really exercise, and then a quiet rest before a 2.5km run tomorrow afternoon, and a crack at the month end goal.




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30 03 2010

I forgot shoes one day, fortunately the wife was home and able to bring me some. Another day I forgot undies, fortunately work is very close to the local shopping centre so I went over and bought some.

7 04 2010

You should know by now nothing is hidden from your wife. She sees all….

7 04 2010

She thinks she does…

8 04 2010
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