Month End

31 03 2010

So that’s March all wrapped up, and I’m very happy with the state of things at the end of the month. Let’s start with the stats:


Total (kms) 371.84
Total (time) 13:28:46
Av. Speed 27.59
Longest Ride 61.43
No. of rides 9

50km Rides = 1
50mi Rides = 0
100km Rides = 0


Total (kms) 35.26
Longest Run 5.78
No. of runs 14

5km Runs = 2
5mi Runs = 0
10km Runs = 0

March Goals Achieved: 2
2010 Goals Achieved: 2
YTD Ride: 1427.57kms (27.45%)


This month has been really good, despite a horrible start -my first ever crash, Unfortunately I have no-one else to blame. It was all my fault. Since then, I’ve been to Canberra for a ride with a mate, and even though we didn’t complete the 110km course (mechanical failures), it was a great ride nonetheless. I’ve completed 2 official 30@30 rides, and two unofficial ones. Not too much riding after that, but then I have started adding running to my routine as well. In three weeks, I’ve gone from struggling through 1¼ km to running 2½ daily. Today, I failed at my main running goal for the month – 2.5km in 11m30s (I did it in 12.24 equal PB), but I did bring my time down by about 10% in a week. Can’t complain about that. Add to that, I’ve plodded out two 5k runs as well.

A quarter of the year in, and I’m over 27% of the way to my year end riding goal. I’ll have to focus through the winter months to keep on track though.

And at the time of writing, my month end weight is 90.9kgs, a mere 900g (2lbs) from the first big weight goal.

Looking forward to April which starts with 7 days off work. For now, my feet hurt (it’s been a long March) – geddit?




5 responses

31 03 2010

Yeah, I geddit. Groan 🙂

A good month Chris well done.

There’s something screwy with your cycling stats though, cos you say Longest Ride 31.43, but 50km Rides = 1 ?

31 03 2010

That should be 61.43kms. Correction made. Thanks.

3 04 2010
Life and Bikes

I always try to run at least twice a week. I find it’s a perfect complement to cycling, it helps develop some of the lower leg muscles and is definitely a different cardio experience. It really helps keep me motivated and prevents cycling from becoming a chore. I really applaud your running goal and the fact that you’ve committed to implementing it in your workouts!

5 04 2010
Loving the Bike

Here’s to a great April. I hope you get out often and ride strong. Looking forward to seeing you reach all your goals this month.


5 04 2010

Cheers Darryl.
I haven’t set any monthly goals yet, probably because I haven’t made it out for any exercise yet this month.

Going out with A group yesterday so I’ll get the month started then.

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