Easter is over

6 04 2010

The problem with holidays is usually too much food & too much sitting around, and this Easter break was no different.

I ran to work on Thursday morning and then didn’t do any more exercise before today. Not for lack of trying or wanting – something always came up.

The first couple of days were rest/recovery days. I’d planned on having a couple of days off from running, but ending up having days off from riding too. By the time Sunday rolled around, I’d had a couple of late nights and not a lot of sleep, so I couldn’t motivate myself to get out and do something before breakfast. It needed to be before breakfast or I’d be subjecting my good wife to time alone with my parents and that would be cruel.

In the end, I didn’t make it out until this morning when I went out with the A group. Four days of a gluttonous, sedentary lifestyle had taken their toll, and I hurt. I kept up (barely), only dropping off at the hill. By the time I made it home, I’d punched out 43.37kms @ 29.64kph (27mi @ 18.5mph). I’m quite happy with the time actually, and feel like I’m on the verge of completing this loop at a 30kph average.

This afternoon, I hit the road again, going for a run. I decided to try and plod out 5kms. I don’t know if it was mental or physical, but I felt the need to stop twice, and I also shortened the pre-planned route a little, cutting about 700m out. In the end, I managed 5.27km in 30m40s (5m49s/km).

I put on a tad over a kilo over Easter, and today I did something about taking it off.




3 responses

6 04 2010

Re the blog name change, I’d say just leave it as it is and just consider it the year the blog was established.

7 04 2010

Training schedules are supposed to be fluid things. You have to be able to roll with the punches and move workouts around a little bit here and there. Don’t sweat the weight gain too much, at least you have jumped back into the fray! I wish I had a clever name change for you… but I couldn’t come up with anything. I’ll check back in with you if I can come up with something.

8 04 2010

Fluid is the right word. I generally start a week with an idea of how much exercise I want to get done and as long as I finish, I’m not fussed about the schedule.

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