Name Change?

6 04 2010

I’m contemplating a name change.

chrisfit2009 is so well, so 2009.

The most obvious name is chrisfit2010, but then that will be outdated in about 8 months.

I thought about just chrisfit, but then I’d run the risk of getting confused with or (which are the same site), a personal training site in the USA.

Since my long term goals now included running a triathlon (olympic distance), I was thinking maybe trichris or christri2011.

Another suggestion – bikenoob, coz it is a cool name, but obviously taken by bikenoob (damn you! **shakes fist**) so that’s out.

What do people think? Should I change names or just stick with what I’ve got. I’m not changing any time soon (at least I’m not planning on it).




4 responses

7 04 2010
Bike Noob

Hey, the early bird gets the worm! Australia is the home of some great slang expressions — what do you have for newbie?

Or in honor of your home town, how about Wagga Wagga Newbie Newbie?

7 04 2010

nice idea. how about chrischrisfitfit?

7 04 2010
Ian Baillie

Chris Hi,
A change is as good as a rest , so they say, but I suggest you stay close to your original , it’s simple and is now established.
Just keep pedalling.
Cheers Ian

9 04 2010

Go Rapper style- ChrisfitBoyz
Don’t forget to trow out the gang signs when you say it!

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