15 04 2010

After an ordinary last couple of weeks, I’ve started getting back into the groove. I’ve had three good rides this week and the same number of runs. Having been at work till midnight all week, I’ve struggled to get up in time for morning rides. And by the time the afternoon rolls around, I’m usually thinking about a nanna nap instead of exercise. Anyway, I’ve somehow managed to fit in about 150kms on the bike this week and 15kms on foot.

Today, was a little bit different. Just for some shits and giggles, I decided to see how I’d go doing an average ride followed immediately by a run. So this afternoon, I banged out 45kms on the bike @ 29kph and then hit the road straight after. Well, not straight after. My transition time was a little slow, but I was on the road within 5 mins of getting off the bike. In duos/tris, they say that preparation is the key for a quick transition, and it was my preparation that let me down. I didn’t have my shoes ready, couldn’t find my cap and had to scrummage through the (clean) laundry for my skins (I couldn’t bring myself to run in padded bike shorts).

I had hoped to do 5kms, but time constraints limited me to 2.5kms. And it hurt. From the very first step, my legs ached, especially my calves. My thighs felt tired, but my calves hurt. It took about a km for the calves to stop screaming, but by the time they did, the overwhelming tiredness set in. I had to will myself to keep running, although plodding is more like it. I felt like I was going slower than ever before. My stride was short and whenever I tried to lengthen it, I failed. In the end, the 2.5kms took 15mins, so I wasn’t too displeased. At 6min/km, it is a little slower than I’d like, but not the slowest I’ve run. Considering the ride beforehand, I’m actually quite chuffed with the result.

So now I have a base on which to build. I’ll have another crack in a month or so, and look for a marked improvement on the run time (or at least the length).

Oh, and one other thing – Does anyone run in padded bike pants? What do triathletes do? Surely they don’t ride in un-padded bike pants (maybe for the shorter lengths, but not for the ironman length rides!). If anyone knows, please tell and save me having to google it.

Edit: So the distances or times here aren’t earth-shattering. But for someone who was a couch potato for the first half of last year, doing one, let alone two activities in a day is a big deal. Give me time, it’ll be three. A bit more, and I’ll reach my goal of completing an olympic length triathlon (non-stop) by end 2011. Thats a 1.5km swim, 40km ride and 10km run (0.93mi/24.8mi/6.2mi).




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16 04 2010

A few years ago when I was still in the military I did some duathlon style workouts in the gym (cycling followed by running). They were some of the best workouts I’ve ever had.

I believe some of the tri suits are designed to be worn during all three events and include a chamois in them.

26 09 2010
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