Zip up your bag

16 04 2010

after you get something out of it. Specifically, your seat bag which contains your bike tool, CO2 regulator, tyre levers, patch kit etc.

During my ride yesterday, I skipped off the side of the road and promptly got a flat. After changing it in the shade of a tree, I packed everything back into my bag, and it seems, failed to zip it up.

As a result, I’ve lost my bike tool, regulator, one of my tyre levers, patch kit. The only bit of luck here is that I had my phone, and ID cards in my jersey pocket, and not in my bike bag, where I usually put them.

Lesson Learned #8: Zip up your bag!

Thankfully, almost everything I’ve lost was free from one place or another – usually promotional stuff from shops. I’ll have to replace some of it sooner rather than later, but some I can do without for a while and see if those promotions come around again.




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16 04 2010
Ian Baillie

Hi, Chris,
That was badluck losing stuff like that, but I bet you won’t have to think twice next time eh!
How was your ride? , I did 45 km yesterday with my three mates, weather was perfect here in Albury,we are just so lucky.

Did you wear your ” JUST 1 METRE PLEASE ” Bib to keep the ‘baddies ‘ off of your back ?
Cheers Ian

17 04 2010

The ride itself was great, so very close to doing 45@30. Have been wearing the bib religiously, will email you shortly with the comments.

16 04 2010

That stinks. Surprised you didn’t hear it fall out.

17 04 2010

I heard the CO2 bottle fall out which is when I realised what had happened, but the rest must have been a stealth fall. I’ve emailed the two local bicycling email lists but I doubt I’ll see them again.

17 04 2010

If I’d done that my luck would have ensured they fell into the back wheel and broke a spoke!

When I did my triathlons I bought a pair of 2XU Tri shorts, which do have a chamois in them, but nowhere near as padded as proper bike shorts. They can be worn for the swim, bike and run but I don’t wear them for normal bike riding now – not enough padding.

17 04 2010

Do they have positive buoyancy for swimming?

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