The good, the bad & the ugly

19 04 2010

starts with a good rest. After three days without running, I pulled the shoes on today to attempt a 6km loop that has always beaten me. It’s a simple run around the local streets, but the back half is along the “bikeway”. It’s not a bikeway so much as a crushed granite path. I’d never take the road bike on it, when the road next to it has an actual bike lane.

Anyway, I’ve attempted this particular run 3 times and every time it had beaten me. It’s not a particularly hard run, a gentle uphill and downhill, but the back half is always a killer. With my limited running experience, I’ve decided that because the path is a little softer than the road, it is a little harder to run on, and that is why I struggled at a length I’ve previously completed on the road.

Still, today I finished it. My legs were fresh and I didn’t struggle. Had I had more time, I would have added another small loop on at the end and bumped it up to nearly 7.5km. But I didn’t. In the end, I completed the 6.1km loop in 33m57s (5m34s/km), and I’m very happy with the time. I’d set myself a goal of 36mins and I came in under that. I also hit 36km for the month, a new monthly PB (not hard to do after 2 months!)

The bad part of it all is that I feel like my shoes are giving in. They’re a $50 pair of FILAs from Sportsmans Warehouse and weren’t made for running. Plus I wear them to work so they are on my feet all day. The sole is starting to separate from the shoe, which is never good. A mate of mine at the hospital also moonlights at Sporties and he is recommending either the Brooks Adrenaline GTS10 or the ASICS 2150. I should be able to stretch to a new pair…but which ones? If only I could take them out for a test run.

And the ugly…I got my first blister today. I’ve never had a blister from running before and I’m not particularly happy about it. It’s not on the heel, it’s on the 4th toe on the right foot (the big toe being the first toe). Blisters are ugly

No ride today, staying off the bike until Thursday, when I’m hoping to get to do 100km.

Finally, after my run today, I hopped on the scales to see 89.3kgs! Below the magic 90kg mark. Of course, as soon as I hydrated and had some dinner, it popped back up to 90.5kgs. If there was ever any doubt that weighing yourself daily (or more frequently) was stupid, this morning, they read 90.0kgs. Think I’ll stick to the weekly weigh-in, but either way, I’m on the threshold of breaking that 90kg barrier permanently.




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20 04 2010

For what it’s worth, I’d go with the Brooks. They were the last pair of shoes I had before I quit running, and probably the best. Good cusioning, long wearing. I still have them and wear them to the gym for workouts.

20 04 2010

I wear Saucony runners, I’ve tried Mizuno, Asics, Brooks, but seem to go back to the Saucony’s.

Here in Melbourne there are a few shops where you can go to get properly fitted for shoes, including running on a treadmill with video analysis of your gait so that they are sure they are the right shoes for you. One of them, even let’s you go for a run down the street in them to try them out.

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