How far should I push?

24 04 2010

I’ve said for a while now that one of my main running goals is to run the Lake to Lagoon in under one hour. The L2L is a local 9.5km fun run, and as my running improves, I’m thinking that this goal will end up being quite easy. Which makes me happy, because this time last year, I never would have thought running the L2L was anything but a fantasy. In fact, I could have said the same thing three months ago.

Anyway, now that I’m running 5 or 6kms almost daily, I’m not in the least bit worried about the L2L. I’ve even been contemplating taking a crack at the Sydney City2Surf, the worlds largest running event with over 75,000 entrants. the only problem is that it is in Sydney, and I’m not enamoured with the idea of driving for 5 hours to do a run, only to have to drive back the next day. So instead, I did some googling (as opposed to my frequent ogling), and found this: The Wagga Wagga Half-Marathon. It’s in a little under 4 months – is that too little prep time? I’ve found a few 10 or 12 week training programs so it isn’t unheard of, but considering I’ve only really been running for less than two months, should I even bother? It’s all well and good setting goals, but they need to be SMART goals.

What do people think? Should I enter the 10K instead? Regardless of what happens, I’m still going to do the L2L in September.




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24 04 2010

I started running in late 2005, and did my first fun run (Run for the Kids 14km) in April 2006. I had set myself a goal of a half marathon in 2007, but ended up running the half marathon at the Melbourne Marathon in October 2006. Based on the fact that you are doing pretty well (that is, your running is advancing well), and you’re considerably younger than the 47 yo I was at the time (I think you are anyway), I’d say if you train well for it, the half is very achievable for you. Keep in mind whatever you run it in will be a PB, so you don’t need to smash yourself. Just take it easy, run your first HM and set yourself a time to beat next time. I did my one, and only so far, marathon about a year later, so that’s your next goal :-).

24 04 2010

I’m 63…(or at least I feel like I am). A very old 35. God I hate being mid 30’s. Mid 20’s was so much better.

24 04 2010

Just wait till you’re 50+ mate, then you’ve really got something to worry about 🙂

BTW, I’ve added you to my blogroll, hope that’s ok by you!

25 04 2010

I told myself at my last birthday that 35 was the new 25 🙂

HM is definitely achievable. For your first you could set a goal just to finish it?

25 04 2010

If 35 is the new 25, then my wife is a cougar…

Just finishing would absolutely be my goal. Haven’t decided yet.

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