27 04 2010

For the first time in over a week, I made it out on the bike today, and it felt good. I really enjoyed the ride and loved being back in the saddle. I really am going to have to make a more concerted effort to get out on the bike more. Saying that, the ride this morning started at 6am (which means I had to leave home at 5.40am) and it was cold. I usually love winter, but not so much now that I’m outside before first light.

I really wish I could afford a trainer.

Despite the cold, I decided that I would run into work. Given that I started at 8am, I had a 5 minute changeover time. I plodded into work at just under 10kph, covering the 5.77kms in 34m47s. Thats a solid 3min slower than my PB, but considering I’d just finished a 41km ride, I was quite happy.

Two weeks ago, when I completed my first duathlon, I struggled to run 2.5km straight after a 50km ride. Today, I rode 41km and ran 5.77km, and while the run hurt and the legs were tired, I didn’t ever feel like stopping. In fact, I reckon I could have kept going. I had a nice rhythm (albeit slow) and I just wanted to keep going.

But I didn’t. I turned into the hospital and off to work. After work however, I had to get home, so it was a gentle run again. A little more in the legs, I got home a little faster, despite taking a slightly longer route.

Overall, today saw a 41.1km ride @ 28.95kph, a 5.77km run at 9.9kph, and a 5.84km run at 10.3kph.

The bonus for the day – the run home took my total to 100kms. Very happy with that.

I haven’t decided on the half marathon yet, but I have decided to map out a 10k run, and take a crack at it on the weekend. Goal 1: To finish non stop. Goal 2: Sub 1 hour time. Worst case, cab home.

Wish me luck.




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