Month End

30 04 2010

Well that’s another month done, and I must say that April has been a funny old month. Let’s start with the stats:


Total (kms) 344.33
Total (time) 11:56:40
Av. Speed (kph) 28.83
Longest Ride 64.45
No. of rides 7

50km Rides = 2
50mi Rides = 0
100km Rides = 0


Total (kms) 65.24
Longest Run 6.1
No. of runs 12

5km Runs = 10
5mi Runs = 0
10km Runs = 0

April Goals Achieved: None set
2010 Goals Achieved: 1
YTD Ride: 1771.9kms (34.08%)

Weight: 89.8kgs


There has been a lot about April that I liked. I’ve run a little over 65kms which is almost double what I ran in March. My average run length has gone from just over 2½ kms in March to just under 5½ kms in April. In fact, only two runs out of my last dozen have been less than 5k in length. This makes me very happy.

On the bike, things haven’t been quite so good. I’ve had a mere 7 rides in April, and I reckon I’ve had seven flats. Perhaps not, but it’s been at least four. Which is very annoying. Nothing ruins a good hard ride like a flat and quite frankly, it has been pissing me off. It has honestly put me off riding recently.

April also saw my first (and second) ever Duathlon. With a long term goal of completing an Olympic length triathlon (1.5 km swim, 40 km ride, 10 km run) in 2011, I tried my hand at the old Ride-Run double. The first, a 45km ride and a 2.5km run hurt (at least the run did), but the second, a 41km ride and 5.77km run didn’t feel quite so bad.

But the big thing for April – I’ve broken the 90kg barrier that seemed impenetrable. I actually hit 88.8kgs after one of the runs,  but once it stabilised it popped back up. This morning, at the month end weigh-in, the scales read 89.8kg. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve floated between 90 and 92 for nearly 3 months and it is good to finally drop below. Onwards and downwards from here I hope.




2 responses

2 05 2010

What is your long-termweight goal?

2 05 2010

I’m not sure, which is to say, I haven’t really decided.

According to the BMI chart on my “The State of Things” page, the upper limit of the normal weight range for my height is about 77kgs. I reckon if I could get to that weight, I’d be over the moon, and if I can get to that, then maybe 75kgs? I think anything below that and I’d look sick.

If I had never heard of BMI, I’d say that 80kgs, or a 90cm waist, or simply feeling comfortable and happy with my body would be a good place to be.

Let’s see what happens.

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