2 05 2010

One of my advertised goals for this weekend was to attempt my first ever 10K (6.25mi) run.

Yesterday, I had a good hard ride, pushing myself for the most part. I didn’t really push on the hills, which was a bit disappointed and it is something I am going to have to work on. Anyway, the ride covered 72.84km (45.5mi) in 2hr27min56s, or 29.54kph (18.46mph). I’m very happy with that. It wasn’t so long ago that I was pushing hard to do 30km @ 30kph, and yesterday I almost did 70@30. That is a huge improvement and if I hadn’t had two flats on the first lap, the day would have been perfect.

Today, my goal was a 10K run. I’ve had the route planned out for a while now. It is essentially an extension of the 6K loop around home, and as mapped comes out at 10.1km. I had a two-tier goal for this run. Goal 1 was just to finish – time irrelevant, just don’t stop. Goal 2 – run a sub 1 hour 10K.

And I had a success of sorts. I did finish the run, non stop, in 54m50s. The only catch, I didn’t run the full 10.1km. Despite having mapped the run and looked at it every day for the last week, I still managed to miss a turn, and as a result, only ran 9.85km.

Still, I’m counting this as a success. I never felt like stopping. I could have easily run the extra part of the loop, and probably could have run a couple of k’s more. The International Triathlon Union (ITU) allows a 5% margin of error in ride and run distances. Considering, I missed the distance by 1.5%, I think it definitely qualifies as a 10K run.


Final figures for the weekend:

Ride 72.84km @ 29.54kph (2hr27min56s)
Run 9.85km @ 10.8kph (54m50s) or 5m33s/km




2 responses

3 05 2010

SUCCESS … certainly is! Well done.

3 05 2010

Nice effort on that almost 10km. Definitely a milestone worth celebrating.

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