3 05 2010

I started riding because I wanted to get healthy. For a bigger guy, I didn’t want to run (at first), and I knew I’d never get to the gym enough. So I rode. At first, I rode because I needed to. I had to do exercise, I had to get fit. I had to be healthy, my wife and daughters deserved that much.

But a funny thing happened. Instead of riding because I had to, now I ride because I want to. I’ve found that riding (or running) gives me a chance to clear my head. Life can get a bit full-on at times and I’ve never been one for hold things in. I vent, sometimes in the wrong direction. But when I ride (or run) when I’m stressed or angry, by the time I’m finished, I’ve forgotten what I was upset about, or at least I’ve calmed down enough to be rational about things.

I was reading the latest Bicycling Australia magazine, and I came across a quote that summed it up perfectly.

“I ride because it’s the ultimate escape. All other thoughts and stress get ridden out on the pavement.”

Eron Chorney, Specialized




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3 05 2010

Chris, I love this post, because I can remember the time when I felt the same. It is a really important turning point and a really positive one, because when exercise has become a habit you enjoy, then it means it is something that you’ll keep doing for the rest of your life.

The big problem is that most people don’t stick at it long enough, or are unlucky enough not to find something they enjoy. Congratulations on being one who has!

4 05 2010

Thanks Andrew.

24 05 2010
Bicycing Australia

Congratulations Chris! What an awesome achievement & so inspiring.

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