8 05 2010

Back at the beginning of March, I had my first and (touch wood) only crash. At the time, I thought I’d escaped with only a couple of minor grazes, a bent rear derailleur and a busted helmet. The grazes healed, the derailleur was straightened and the helmet replaced.

However, yesterday the consequences of that somewhat minor crash came back to haunt me. During a ride, my left hand shifter died. For much of the ride, I was stuck in the lower front gear. Whenever I tried to shift to the higher gear (bigger cog), the chain either dropped back down to the smaller cog, or dropped of the cog completely, hitting the crank arm and then bouncing back up, over the large cog and onto the small one. If I hadn’t seen it I wouldn’t have believed it (If I hadn’t been pedalling at the time, I would have tried to video it).

As a result, my ride yesterday took longer than I would have liked, but I still made it home in reasonable time, covering  a little over 70kms in about 2½ hours (28.11kph).

Today I paid a visit to the bike shop where the confirmed that the shifter is kaput. They’ve fixed the chain on the lower front gear and I just have to remember not to attempt to use the granny gear at any point. In the meantime, I’ve ordered a replacement shifter and am hoping to be all fixed by next weekend.

It has put a dampener on my plans though. I had planned on doing about 150kms this weekend. Instead, I’ll take the hybrid out for a ride this afternoon, and have a run later before dinner.




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