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13 05 2010

I’ve been off the bike this week while I wait for a replacement shifter. To be honest, there is nothing stopping me riding, and I’ll probably go for a ride tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m still running. I’ve clocked up 63kms so far this month, which is well above the rate need to run 100kms in May. This week I’ve had 4 good runs. Actually, 3 good runs and one very ordinary run. On Sunday, I pushed hard and eek’d out 11.7kms which was my longest run to date. It was just an extension of my previous 10km runs, but I must admit that the extra distance really tested me.

A day off on Monday and then a run to and from work on Tuesday. Going to work was easy, despite the cold. There isn’t a lot to like about running at 5.15 in the morning, but I am a fan of the quiet roads. It wasn’t my fastest time, but wasn’t far of it, but the run felt great. Nice and comfortable, just a good run. Coming home was a different story. The wind was blustering, and ruined my run. I hadn’t had the best day, definitely wasn’t in the best mood and the wind just ruined everything. I walked almost as much as I ran, and got home feeling less than satisfied.

Today, I had the day off (as I do tomorrow), and after a busy morning shopping, I had  nice healthy lunch and then head out for a run. I’d been feeling good all morning and so I set myself the challenge of running the City2Surf distance of 14.5kms. I planned out a route, and included a decent hill. However, when I hit the road, I ended up taking a whole different route. At the end of the run, I’d clocked up 14.35kms in 1hr31min. Considering my new course had two hills and not one, and both of them were steeper and longer than the infamous “Heartbreak Hill” of the C2S, I am over the moon that I finished and in a respectable time. Well,  I think it is respectable.

So this week (so far)

Date Dist (kms) Time Av kph min/km
Sun 9 May 11.76 01:09:13 10.19 5m 53s
Tue 11 May 5.82 00:31:44 11.00 5m 27s
Tue 11 May 5.82 00:45:24 7.69 7m 48s
Thu 13 May 14.34 01:31:00 9.45 6m 21s

And what about my claim that today’s run was harder than the City2Surf. Well…here are the profiles.

For whatever reason, the graph doesn’t actually show the zero point. The training run has been offset to start at the exact same height has the C2S. The major hill is steeper and longer, and I managed it, having already finished another hill. The C2S doesn’t seem so hard anymore.




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15 05 2010

That running shoe shop in the US is

15 05 2010

Many thanks.

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