Product Review: SPIbelt

19 05 2010

Since I’ve been running, I’ve had the problem of where to put my belongings. When I’m on the bike, it’s not a problem – I chuck everything in the seat bag or in rear pockets on my jersey. However, where do I stick everything when I’m on my feet? It’s not a lot of stuff – key, phone, medicare card, licence and a tenner. If I’m running to work, it’s not a problem – I just pop my backpack on. Occasionally, if I know I’m going to run to work I take my stuff in the night before, but that still leaves me with the same problem.

So the easy answer is a bumbag (or fanny pack) if you prefer. The problem with these is that they are so bloody huge, butt ugly and they bounce around like crazy. I’ve never worn one that is even remotely comfortable.

The solution – SPIbelt. SPI stands for Small Personal Items, and that’s exactly what they’re for. They only fit a few things and for me that’s perfect. The manufacturer sells them direct for $19.95US, but I got mine here for $39.95AUD (I paid extra for the Reflective SPIbelt), delivery included.

It easily holds everything I need – phone, cards, $10 note and house key.You can’t stick heaps in, but why would you want to. If I needed to carry that much, I’d just take the backpack. They do make a larger, double pocket version though. Also a drink bottle version and an armband version. In fact, I’m seriously contemplating getting one of each.

The belt is elastic and adjustable. The first time I wore it, it hurt. I didn’t put enough faith in it and I had it on far too tight. The second time I used it, I loosened it quite a lot – too much I thought – but it held its place. Perfectly. The makers boast that “The SPIbelt does not bounce, ride or shift while running or doing other activities”, and they are absolutely right. It didn’t move an inch. I must have checked it a dozen times today, and it was exactly where it was when I started. In fact, it was so secure, I didn’t even know it was on.

So, it fits perfectly, doesn’t move when running, is very comfortable, and is very low profile. If anyone had been looking, I doubt they would have even seen it under the bottom of my shirt.

And it’s reflective. If you have the reflective SPIbelt that is. And I do. It’s as easy to see as the reflective piping on any of my cycling gear, in fact, I’d say even more so.

To sum up – it’s small, sleek and secure. It’s reflective and doesn’t move.

I love it. Do yourself a favour. Get a SPIbelt.




2 responses

20 05 2010

When I’m running around home I don’t take anything with me, but in a race I usually just put my phone, credit card, money in a plastic bag, fol up tight and pin it in my shorts pocket with a safety pin. Seems to work okay for me, but those SPIBelts look interesting.

20 05 2010

My shorts don’t have pockets, but I considered something similar not too long ago. Now I just think it sounds like a silly idea. I can’t imagine not running with it now.

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