Worst. Month. Ever.

31 05 2010

What an absolutely dismal month. I failed to achieve a single one of my monthly goals. I missed at least a dozen opportunities to get out and do something.My bike spent a few days in the shop. I spent a week feeling chesty and blocked up. I failed to demonstrate any real drive or commitment at all this month, whilst succeeding in blaming the cold weather and short days for just about everything.


Total (kms) 253.72
Total (time) 09:18:06
Av. Speed (kph) 27.283
Longest Ride 72.84
No. of rides 7

50km Rides = 2
50mi Rides = 0
100km Rides = 0


Total (kms) 85.83
Longest Run 14.34
No. of runs 10

5km Runs = 5
10km Runs = 4
15km Runs = 1

May Goals Achieved: None
2010 Goals Achieved: 0
YTD Ride: 2025.62 kms (38.95%)

Weight: 88.1kg


So for the first time this year, I have reached a month end behind my cycling goal. About 140kms behind. Cyclingwise, I’ve had a shocker. I haven’t been on the bike for almost two weeks now. Everytime I think about it, I just get bummed at the idea of having to change a tube again. I can’t wait to get a pair of Gatorskins. If they don’t stop the flats, I don’t know what will.

While it’s been a poor month on the bike, I’m happy with my running. I ran 85kms this month, completed four 10km runs, and made a serious attempt at 15kms. Had I taken a slightly different path, my 14.3km run would have easily been 15, I had the legs. I’m not planning on exceeding 15kms in June, but will be happy with at least one 10km a week and one 15km a fortnight. I could have easily run 100kms. My minimum run distance is just under 6km now – that is to say, I never do less than this.

Weight-wise, I’ve stayed below 90kgs for the whole month, and dropped as low as 87.4kgs at one point. I’ve had a very ordinary last fortnight, and so I’ve popped back up to 88.1 (still the lowest in years).

I’ve ordered some new shoes, and will have new Gatorskins in a fortnight. I will have a better June!




2 responses

31 05 2010

Hey, I’ve been blaming the short days and bad weather for everything too!

Here’s to June being better for both of us!

1 06 2010

Don’t lose sight of the big picture – the effort is more important than the occasional inconsistency. I have been using the Gatorskins this year, and no flats. However, I never got flats on my old Conti GP 4000s, either.

That said, I like the 4000s better, the ‘Skins feel vague to me.

As for your workouts, “don’t let a bend in the road be the end of the road”. Hang in there, you’ll turn it around.

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