New Shoes

3 06 2010

I’ve posted a few times previously about my desire for a new pair of running shoes. After doing some online research, speaking to  work mate who does weekends at a local sports store and getting a proper fitting at one of the bigger chain stores, I decided that $200+ was a lot of money to pay for shoes, especially when I have little mouths to feed. I’m the guy who is happy to wander about in $50 shoes, especially if I’ve got them as part of a 2 for 1 or Buy One Get One Half Price deal. Hell, the sneakers I wear for work are $16 specials from Kmart. Its not that I’m cheap, I just don’t need all the “technology” that shoes have these days just to have them trashed at work, or in the garden.

However, now that I’ve started running, I realise that I do need the bells and whistles. I want shoes that are designed specifically to cushion the feet of a lumbering 90kg fat boy. But I didn’t really want to pay a shitload for them. After research, consultation and tryouts, I decided on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. To be honest, it was the first shoe I focussed on, and remained the winner after I’d tried on a few pairs. I found them online at runningwarehouse for less than half the cost of a pair bought locally (and by locally, I mean in Australia). Even adding in the exchange rate and the delivery cost, I still saved $50.

I’d been thinking about runningwarehouse for a couple of weeks when JRuns posted to his blog, saying he had just bought two pairs, had great service, fast delivery and saved heaps. Infact he saved more than I did (because he saved double and got a better exchange rate I suspect). Buoyed by this great review, I ordered my shoes on the next payday, and today they arrived. Actually they arrived yesterday, but I wasn’t here to meet the courier so I got them today instead. Ordered on May 28 (Aussie time), posted May 28 (USA time), arrived yesterday. Take out the weekend in the middle, and that is 3 working days turnaround. You really can’t complain about that.

Also consider this. At the same time, I bought a couple of pairs of elastic laces from two separate Australian online stores. One pair arrived the same day, the other pair haven’t arrived yet. Like I said, great service and I will definitely be using runningwarehouse again!

So, now I have new shoes and new stretchy laces. I can’t wait to try them out. I’m hoping that somehow they will improve my times by 20%. Now that would be worth paying for!




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3 06 2010

Be a little careful with the stretchy laces. I used them when I went thru my Triathlon phase (because they are quicker to pull on in transition) and kept them in my shoes for a while after. However I found that I couldn’t get my shoes to feel tight enough with them and soon removed them. Might be a personal thing, but see how you go.

4 06 2010

Thanks for the heads up.
I’m a fan of never undoing shoelaces, even with regular laces. It has caused a lot of shoes to die a premature death I’m sure.

Both sets of laces I bought are re-adjustable, so I should be able to re-tighten at any time.

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